Camping rules

All guests, before they enter the campsite, must consign to the reception bureau a valid identification document, according with the national regulations.

It is forbidden to: damage plans or to pour hot water into them, dig ditches or holes, light up fires, use wood or charcoal grills,  bathe in the night, sabotage equipments and services available for all the guest, leaving rubbish out the specific bins, washing utensils and linen out of the specific facilities, circulate inside the campsite by bicycles or motorbikes.

We kindly request all guests to:

– Respect the siesta hours from 11pm to 7am and from 1pm to 3pm: during these breaks it is forbidden to enter/exit or move the vehicles inside the camping;

– Carefully supervise the children throughout the stay. The Manager declines all responsibility in this regard.

We remind you also that: dogs, if previously accepted, must always be kept on a leash and the access to the beach is forbidden under the Italian law.

Daily visitors cannot go inside the campsite before been accepted by the Management. They must leave their personal document at the reception and pay the regular camping tariff if the permanence lasts over 1 hour.

The Management reserves the right to expel from its campsite at any time and to report the names of the violators to the police. The barriers of the campsite close at 11pm and reopen at 7am.

ATTENTION: the red flag on the beach is a sign of danger. As established by the Coast Guard, the guests must refrain from going into the sea.

Dog rules

The Management wishes you a pleasant stay and invites you to consult these regulations and the price list.Entering into the village means accepting the rules without hesitating.

The Management reserves the right to immediately remove from the Village those who fail to observe even one point of these rules.

  1. It is mandatory to report at the time of booking and at the arrival at the campsite the presence of pets, which must be regularly vaccinated.
  2. Pets are allowed only in the pitches and homes in the dedicated area. A maximum of 4 dogs per pitch and 2 dogs per home are allowed. The Management reserves the right, at its discretion, to apply or not the above rules.
  3. Dogs and their owners can go in the common areas: main avenue, restaurant and bar.
  4. It is forbidden to bring dogs into the children’s area and into the toilets.
  5. Dogs must be washed only in the “dog showers” area, next to the Camper Service, indicated on the campsite map.
  6. It is responsibility of the individual owners to ensure maximum compliance with health and hygiene regulations.
  7. During the stay dogs must always be accompanied for their needs, it is absolutely mandatory to remove them immediately with a special bag and containers dedicated to this.
  8. Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach, only in the delimited and authorized area. It is forbidden to take animals to the sea, guide dogs, pet therapy animals.
  9. It is not allowed to leave dogs unattended on the pitch or in the homes.
  10. Dogs must always be kept on a leash, with a maximum length of 1.5 m and it is always prescribed to keep a muzzle of suitable size, to be used as needed or at the request of the competent authorities.
  11. Any damage caused by dogs to third parties and to the facilities of the campsite are a responsibility of the owner.
  12. Dogs must not disturb other guests and must not invade their pitches or housing units.
  13. Any abuse towards dogs will be reported to the competent authorities.

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